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Poczta Polska S.A. 


>> list (koperta bąbelkowa)        8 zł

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>> paczka pocztowa                 11 zł

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Wysyłka za granicę Polski



  • USA, Kanada, Ameryka Płd, Azja, Australia (list)             60 zł
  • USA, Kanada, Ameryka Płd, Australia (paczka)               90 zł
  • Europa (list)                       20 zł
  • Europa (paczka)                 40 zł 


Wysyłka GRATIS!

Paczkomaty InPost

Opinie Użytkowników

Opinie Użytkowników

 (...) Witam serdecznie. Obiecałam, że napiszę, jak tylko dostanę próbki  kolagenu. Dostałam je, za co serdecznie dziękuję. Zastosowałam je-zgodnie z  instrukcjami-i jestem zaskoczona. Kolagen na mojej skórze wchłania się błyskawicznie,  w ciągu niespełna 2 minut...Czytaj dalej...




Witam !
Dziękuję bardzo za szybkie zrealizowanie mojego zamówienia. Jestem bardzo zadowolona ze współpracy z Panem. To co Pan pisze na swojej stronie jest prawdą - sama to sprawdziłam - rzeczywiście Kolagen Platinum 50 ml starcza na 4 m-ce, jest Pan wiarygodny czytaj dalej...


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kolagen66400.pl Privacy policy

We fully respect our customers’ privacy and ensure that their personal data is fully protected.


Personal data supplied to us by customers is processed by us within the scope of the permission given by them and in accordance with the law, in particular the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (Dz.U. no. 133 item 883 as amended). We store customers’ personal data on servers which ensure the complete security of the data. Only authorized employees of the Store have access to the database.

Every customer who has supplied their personal data to us can obtain full access to their data for the purpose of verifying it, modifying it or demanding its deletion.

The store does not convey, sell or lend its collected customer personal data to third parties, except with the explicit consent or at the request of the customer or at the demand of legally empowered state authorities in connection with ongoing proceedings.

Our Store also makes use of Internet cookies. These files are stored on the customer’s computer by our server, and supply statistical data about the customer’s activity in order to offer products matched to the customer’s individual needs and tastes. The customer may at any time disable the “accept cookies” option in their Internet browser, although it should be remembered that in some cases disabling this function may make it more difficult to shop at our Store.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, if we place links on our Store’s pages to other websites not administered by us, we cannot be responsible either for the content of those sites or for the level of privacy protection provided by the administrators of those sites. When deciding to navigate to such a site, the customer does so at his or her own risk. We encourage customers to read such a site’s privacy policy before supplying his or her personal to that site.

We send advertising and promotional materials to customers only if they have consented to our doing so. This applies in particular to the newsletter sent to customers if they have confirmed by clicking the link clearly indicated by us as serving to agree to receive the newsletter about current promotional offers, discounts and new products in our Store. These materials relate only to the products offered by our Store.

Please send any questions, applications and suggestions relating to the protection of your privacy, and personal data in particular, to sklep@kolagen66400.pl or by telephone on 517470853.




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